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Acting Scams Tips by Child Actor LA

Here's the set-up. You are driving in your car, when you hear a commercial from the ________ Model and Talent Search. They claim to have launched the careers of many famous people, even naming names. According to them, they are in town to scout talent. Everyone, of course, is welcome because (they want you to believe) everyone has a chance to be a famous model or actor.

Whether you go out of curiosity or a genuine belief that this is your chance to realize your dreams of fame, the point is you go, along with everyone else in town. After "evaluating" everyone's talent, they announce that they will call those with whom they have interest.

To your surprise (and delight), you get a phone call! You've been selected. They ask you to return for further evaluation. When you arrive to the callback, you see some familiar faces. In fact, they are the same people you saw on the first go round. They called practically everyone back who attended the first meeting.

Now, they tell you, since you have so much talent and potential to be famous, you should go to their model and talent showcase, which is to be held in New York or some major city. You'll get the chance to showcase your talents in front of "casting directors" and "talent scouts". Your big break! Cost: Only $1200-not including your plane ticket, food and other expenses.

Dead giveaways:

Below are Child Actor LA scam prevention takeaway for you:

  1. Generally speaking, reputable model and talent agencies like Child Actor LA don't really have to go on a "national tour" to find talent. The get stacks of headshots and comp cards each day and many times have more talent than they need. Further, reputable agencies don't ask for money up front.
  2. On the second call back, you might notice that they called just about everyone to return. Why? Because they can make more money from 1000 people than the can from ten. The more people they can convince to come back and spend money, the more money they can make.
  3. Anytime someone in the entertainment business asks for money to help make you a star, close your purse and ask questions. There are many more people who sell dreams rather than fulfill dreams. As long as you are eager to become famous, they know you will do almost anything, including throwing away your money on scams like these!
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